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I'm guessing that you've probably got specialist people helping you with your fitness, skills and diet sorted out already...but what are you doing about your mental game? Do you have access to a Sports Psychologist, Sports Psychotherapist, Sports Hypnotist, Sports Hypnotherapist or Sports Performance Mind Coach?


Luckily for you I can fulfill all of these roles!


If  "that something" that's holding you back or stopping you from achieving YOUR sporting goals and mental/psychological, then I'm THE expert you need to contact.

















(Left) With 4 x World Champion GB discus thrower Kevin Brown, (Right) With GB Olympic Boxing Coach Bob Dillon



I can tell you the inside secrets of how and why your brain performs in certain ways at certain times to help you get the best out of YOU every time!



















(Left) With Ryan Aston and Coaches at his IBF Intercontinental Fight

(Right) With Paddy Doyle Guiness Book of Records "World's Fittest Man"


I'll also show you how you (and your coaches) can communicate and interact in ways that help you programme your mind for success even more quickly!




















(Left) With GB Ice Hockey Coaching Team

(Right) With Kickboxer Fraser Weightman (and team) after successfully winning the British Heavyweight Title


Overcoming losses and injuries are also a big part of how I help sportsmen and women from grass roots all the way up to world level.


I've worked with International (including GB) coaches, sportsmen and women from the following Sports; Boxing, Athletics, Ice Hockey and Football and have also worked at International and National level with Players and Coaches from Sports such as Fencing, Kick Boxing, Golf and Rugby League.



As Bob Dillon (GB Olympic Boxing Coach) said in a video testimonial he did after working with me - "I strongly believe this is going to be the next phase, the likes of Nick Davies Sports Psychology and Hypnosis will be strengthening the mind like weights strengthen the body...I can only suggest you do the same as me, I am an utter and total convert and fan of this systyem".



So if you think you've got more to give, more potential to unlock or looking to get over a bad result or performance to step up to the next level, you need to contact me now on 07962-100 942!



"Number 1 for looking after your mental game!"

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Yours in sport,