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Our next "Sports Performance Mind Coaching" Diploma on 1st & 2nd February 2020, click on "Workshops" to reserve your place!


Services Page

Firstly, you are in the right place and I can offer you a range of services to suit your needs. These options range from one to one, group, seminars and attending sporting events, now you can decide which of the following 5 options is right for you:


1) One to One

Here I work with you, one to one, intensively. We'll discuss the things you feel are getting in your way, what you really want to achieve and I'll help you get there quickly. I can also help you with any personal issues e.g. depression, anxiety, stress etc. that may affect your performance too as I am a trained Clinical Hypnotherapis and Psychotherapist and specialise in these areas. These sessions can be in-house (if you have relaxing quiet facilities) or at my home office in Coventry.





















2) Group Sessions

I run specifically tailored sessions for clubs and work on areas which affect the whole team or club, this could be performance anxiety, self sabotage, sporting confidence, supreme focus or a whole host of other issues, tailored to meet your exact needs.

















3) "Power of the Mind" Seminar

If you are unsure about your exact needs, why not book this seminar where I go through different techniques on how you can improve your skill level, performance and deal with performance anxiety. It cover a lot of information that you will find very useful for both sports people and coaches. It is priced at £300 for a 90 minute seminar (*plus travel etc. if not local).


























4) Event Attendance

I can attend your sporting event and work with your sportsmen individually or as a team, sometimes I may be asked to do a half time talk or work with individuals before an event in order to create the right motivation or self belief.




























5) "Sports Performance Mind Coaching" Diploma

If you are a coach and want to learn the techniques I use, I run a 2 day training course where you can study the skills and techniques I have created, honed and developed. You can either attend my 2 day workshop with others advertised in the "Workshops" tab, or I can do one specifically for your club which will require a minimum of 6 people and cost £250 each.


















































Is now the time for you to embrace these mind programming techniques to give you the success you deserve?


For one to one sessions I charge £100 per hour and £200 per hour for group sessions Monday to Friday, please enquire about weekend rates.


Special Offer: You get a £50 discount off one to one sessions (£350) and £100 discount off group sessions (£700) when you book 4 sessions/hours in advance and pay up front, the sessions/hours can be taken together or on different days or weeks.


NB: There is a minimum investment of £150 if you want me to work at your location, plus there maybe some travel & hotel expenses dependant on distance and travel times. Contact me now to discuss your needs.

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