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***STOP PRESS*** Our next "Sports Performance Mind Coaching" Diploma on 24th & 25th November 2018, click on "Workshops" to reserve your place!

"Sports Performance Mind Coaching" Diploma

Do you want to learn the techniques and secrets that I've been honing that have enabled me to work with International Coaches and Sportsmen and women from Boxing, Kick Boxing, Athletics, Fencing to Ice Hockey?


Have you ever wanted to develop a set of skills and techniques specific to the sport you want to help coach?


Do you want to attend your favourite sporting events as the expert in the sporting mind?


I will be running a 2 day workshop on Saturday & Sunday 24th & 25th November 2018 (in Coventry), where you will learn all the skills and techniques I have learnt and developed to help hundreds of sports men and women achieve their maximum potential.


You will not only learn the techniques to help individuals, coaches and teams but also how to market yourself to individuals and clubs.





























Also you will also get 6 months FREE membership to my Nick Davies Sports Psychology Associates Scheme and your details will be featured on my website.


This course also counts to your CPD (Continual Professional Development) and is certificated and endorsed by The Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy.


The cost of the workshop is £397, but if you book before midnight Monday 12th November 2018 you can secure the "Early Bird" saving of £100 and secure your place for the "Early Bird" discount price of £297!!! There are only 12 places available for this event, so I would advise booking early. To reserve your place book here now.




































Topics covered in this workshop:


* Definitions of Sports Psychology

* The History of Sports Psychology

* What does a Sports Psychologist Do?

* Personality Traits

* Sports Performance Mind Coaching vs Sports Psychology

* Effective Communication

* Calibration

* Fact Finding

* The Five “Cs” in Sport

* Techniques to get “Buy In”

* Tainted Language vs Clear Language

* Strategies for Success

* Performance Anxiety

* Treating Performance Anxiety Fast with the BLAST Technique™

* Levels and Goal Setting

* Peak State Management

* Anchoring Peak States

* Overcoming Stuck States

* Changing Perspectives

* Creating Peak States

* Changing Limiting Beliefs

* Mapping Modalities Transfer© (MMT)

* Tapping into Hidden Resources

* Accelerating Recovery From Fatigue or Injury

* “Focused Concentration” – Script 1

* “Inner Confidence” – Script 2

* “Peak Performance” – Script 3

* Individual Opponents and Team Sports

* Marketing

* Associate Scheme

* Advice for the Future…


You will also receive a 43 page delegate workbook, a "Sports Performance Mind Coaching" Diploma certificate, plus 6 months free membership as a Nick Davies Sports Psychology Associate.


The course is also accredited by the ACCPH (ACCPH the Professional Body for Counsellors, Coaches, Psychotherapists and Clinical Hypnotherapists) and also counts towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD).



The cost of the workshop is £397, but if you book before midnight Monday 12th November 2018 you can secure the "Early Bird" saving of £100 and secure your place for the "Early Bird" discount price of £297!!! There are only 12 places available for this event, so I would advise booking early. To reserve your place book here now.








Here are some written testimonials from previous workshops:


"Nick has a broad knowledge of Sport Psychology and Hypnosis alongside a large amount of experience working in the field. He is very thorough and helpful in applying the theory into practice and getting the most out of the material. I would highly recommend him & his courses."

Stuart Wade - 4 x World Champion Taekwondo and Kickboxing


"Great course, good content, great level of detail, answered all my questions."

Julie Gilby - Hypnotherapist


"The course is well structured with a fantastic mix of both ‘academic’ and (perhaps, more importantly) ‘hands on’ content; lots of opportunity to practice the theory, work with different people and make mistakes (and laugh and learn from them) in an understanding environment. The depth of knowledge and experience of Nick is impressive – and the course is all presented in a relaxed manner ‘peppered’ with anecdotes and real life experiences. An enjoyable as well as very educational course. I’d recommend it."

Roy Slater GQHP, Dip.CHH, Ddip.SCT, Cert.NLPS


"Fantastic course, thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and learnt so much. Would recommend Nick & his training"

Louise Cousin - Hypnotherapist


"As an NLP Master Prac & Life Coach it's always great to watch other people work, Nick is up there with the best.

Nick is so passionate about his subject it can't help but enthuse the attendee. There were plenty of techniques, practise but as importantly FUN!

I have no hesitation in highly recommending Nick - Work with him you won't regret it!"

Bob Brennan - NLP Master Practitioner


"Hi Nick, Just a wee note to again commend you on your course.

I've worked with sports pros and amateurs for many years, I believe to truly give your clients the best possible service you have to constantly educate yourself and learn from others.

Last year I was consulting with the manager of an SPL (Scottish Premier League) club who were on a poor run. In talking with this manager (whose job was on the line), I was reminded of your comments about how coaches / trainers (I think you referred to boxers) could inadvertently negatively impact their guys by how they spoke to them. The manager freely admitted that he was guilty of this, we spent a little time on how he could reframe his comments in the positive. The result, within 24 hours of our conversation, his team won their first game in months and went on to win their next 5 games!"

Tony Reilly Director MBA MREC MAEPH PBH GQHP


"Bobbing and weaving, Nick Davies wove a sophisticated canvas of powerful techniques that cannot help but improve sportspeople excel in training, recovery and the all-important competition. With 2012 Olympics around the metaphorical corner, Nick's skill in performance coaching is nothing less than vital for success.

Mark Gosbee - Hypnotherapist


"This was an excellent weekend packed full of very useful & relevant information. Nick's congruent approach and dedication to providing 100% value was evident throughout the whole course"

Simon Goodlad - Hypnotherapist


"As usual Nick has taken a subject close to his heart and transformed the learners into potentially very good Sports Performance Coaches. Fab couple of days."

Gordon Park - Hypnotherapist


"An excellent course for all abilities. I am a Hypnotherapy student and this has given me bags of confidence and the motivation to go out and do it."

Vincent Benedict - Hypnotherapist