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"First day of my neuro re-programming. Just came out of session and I feel so much lighter! Nick warned me it would be/could be sharp and painful (and it was) but within minutes of his technique the vivid, dark colours of the memory had faded and my perception noticeably changed! We have some more work to go yet but feeling more positive than I have in a long time. Thanks Nick! Do yourself a favour and book in with this guy!"

Niki Adams - Olympic Judo Silver Medalist


"Cheers for everything mate. Honestly, all the work we did before, it really helped me focus and relax on stage. One of the first times I’ve been able to enjoy it and not feel the pressure."

George Semple - World Champion Irish Dancer


"Really good first session, it helped me let go of negative thoughts from previous performances. Gave me strategies to put into practice to help, with (technique 1) and (technique 2). Also made me realise that I need to find the balance between trying to hard to find the middle balance."

Client asked to remain anonymous - GB Boxer


"My son is competing at the very highest level of competitive Irish Dancing. Nick was able to strike up rapport with my son instantly, and was able to identify areas that needed attention very quickly. This has led to Nick providing my son with a new confidence and skills and strategies that will benefit him not only in his dancing career but in all areas of his life."

Steven Brunning - Irish Dance Teacher


"I'm just ringing to say I've done it...I've won Gold! I actually beat the guy that beat me in the commonwealth the World Masters in Australia...and he's Australian!"

Kevin Brown - GB Discus Thrower 


"Nick has a talent of immediately connecting with his audience on a level that they are both interested and wanting more. The teaching methods were simple and proven with a direct response. I would recommend Nick to any team or individual looking to improve their mental and physical performance."

Joel Poirier - GB Ice Hockey


"Nick Davies, he is one of the leading and well respected Sports Psychology & Hypnosis professionals in the UK. My opinion is he will be the number one specialist in his field in the UK very shortly."

Paddy Doyle - "World's Fittest Man" and over 300 endurance Guinness Book of Records


"Nick has a broad knowledge of Sport Psychology and Hypnosis alongside a large amount of experience working in the field. He is very thorough and helpful in applying the theory into practice and getting the most out of the material. I would highly recommend him & his courses."

Stuart Wade - 4 x World Champion Taekwondo and Kickboxing


"Just a quick update on the European championships for Jay. He played really consistently in all events (singles, doubles, team). He finished 24th overall and made the masters which was his goal, he then won the first masters step on a head to head game and went on to play the current European No. 1 - won the first game but then lost 2 -1, which meant he finished in the top 16. We are very proud of his achievement - thank you again for your work with him, it really helped him to remain focussed. Nick has been a huge contributing factor in Jay having had 3 England appearances and being an England Gold Medal winner at the last Triple Crown Competition. Thank you Nick!"

Sarah Goodwin - Mother of Jay Triple Crown Bowling Champion


"I strongly believe this is going to be the next phase, the likes of Nick Davies Sports Psychology and Hypnosis will be strengthening the mind like weights strengthen the body...I can only suggest you do the same as me, I am an utter and total convert ands fan of this systyem".

Bob Dillon - GB Olympic Boxing Coach


"I went to see Nick after what I thought was a big setback in my football career. Nick showed me that there are always positives and that it's about how you deal with them. He gave me a really different way of looking at things."

Toby Fura - Leicester City FC


"Anyone that has know me for a long time will know that I used to seriously struggle to do three rounds due to breathing issues. Well, not anymore, thanks to Nick Davies and his skills. Not only can I easily do three rounds, but I actually like to get the rounds. More experience for me, more enjoyment for the fans! Thank you mate, wouldn't be here without your help. I'll never forget that!"

Fraser Weightman - British, European and Commonwealth Heavyweight Kickboxing Champion


"Hi Nick, just wanted to let you know that XXXXX came 2nd in the World Championships on Sunday. We are all delighted with the result as the weeks leading up to the competition XXXXX was so nervous and her confidence so low, we were not even sure she would compete. Thanks once again as we are sure your work contributed to her performing at her top level on the day.

Shaun McGrory - Performance Anxiety (International Irish Dance Finals)


"Nick vastly improved my mentality towards my sport leading to my first senior World ranking...It was an honour to have had the opportunity to be the focus of your skills and techniques. I cannot thank you enough for how much you have helped an inspired me."

Robert Veitch - International Fencer


"When preparing for my title fight i was introduced to nick davies through a friend, with 15 minutes till my fight, nick worked his experiences only capturing my success and visions with direct eye contact and hand gestures thus tapping into my visions also. Their was my managers, trainers, promoters, my friends and family members all wanting my attention but i was more interested in what nick had to say as at the time i needed more inspiration for the fight, we had to work with my concentration and nick's ideas for my character on the night. I would surround myself with nicks positive mental attitude any night of my fights.

I would reccomend nick's services to any sporting professional who needs a boost before competition."

Tony "TNT" Randell after winning his Midlands Professional Middleweight Title


The (Technique 1) exercise learnt has helped me a lot as I used it every day leading up to my last fight. He had won a Gold medal in the Canadian championships meaning he was the best in Canada for his age and weight. I have never won anything other than a midlands title so i had that to worry about. Also people that normally box for their country have had more experience than me...three days after i beat him he went on to beat the National champion of England. The positive affirmations you told me to keep telling myself worked well as I felt more confident, for example I kept telling myself ‘I will win’ and I did! (Technique 2) – I used this on the day of my last contest to see if it would help calm my nerves. As it happens I felt the most relaxed I have ever felt before a contest. My heart rate was low when the doctor checked. I did it all the way until I was in the ring.

Charles Delve - (79kgs Light Heavyweight Droitwich ABC) after his victory for England against Canada


"Nick made my son XXXXX feel very much at ease. He was able to coach him in a way that as a 10 year old was easy to understand. He is looking forward to seeing Nick again. " (Follow up text) "Hi Nick Just to let you know that XXXXX was man of the match today. He was brilliant. Been following your advice everyday. Thanks".

Russell Ribiero - Performance Anxiety (Football)


"I've got to say first off that my experience with psychology and therapy has always been met with sceptism and so I never really gave it a chance. After the results of the recent quarter and semifinals of the British University Boxing Championships though; my eyes have well and truly been opened.

When we first spoke about sports psychology at Red Corner Boxing Club I took an open minded approach to the methods but due to outside factors I found that it began to work against me (the monkey on the back that you can make lighter became very heavy!).

However, the day of the quarter finals I had cut almost 3.5kg that day which meant I felt very weak before even warming up, on top of this I had several other worries that were constantly weighing on my mind (over-eating, etc). If you hadn't of been there I truly believe these mind tricks would have gotten the better of me but thanks to the (technique 1), (technique 2) and and opponent intimidation methods I not only overcame the tricks my mind was playing but unlocked a whole new side to my boxing that I had never seen or felt before. It was like an incredible surge of constant energy and controlled anger that, for lack of a better word, made me feel invincible.

Now that I have this extra weapon in my arsenal I truly believe I can become British University Boxing Champion this year. If I win that gold medal; I owe you half of it!"

Alex Mellor - British University Boxing Championships (81kgs)


"Hi Nick, Thank you so much for all your help with XXXXXX. It really made a difference and it was even pointed out to me how confident she looked on the stage. On the day she danced she was calm and didn’t show any sign of nerves – a complete turnaround! We were so delighted with her result – we couldn’t have asked for any more. Thanks again."

Caroline - Performance Anxiety (International Irish Dance Finals)


"I've been working with nick for about 3 months now and he has been though lots of very useful techniques on the mental side of boxing to help me perform to my absolute best, last year in the championships i lost at the first stage mainly because i wasn't mentally prepared but this year ive made it all the way to become midland champ, and still going further, he really does get that extra 20 percent out of you, and hes also pretty good on the pads as well, overall before i worked with nick i didn't think i was missing anything from my training but as soon as i started i realized how important the mental side of sport is."

Myles Vale - Amateur Boxer after winning West Midlands Championships (66kgs)


"I have been taking advice and lessons from Nick for the past month or so in the build-up to the University boxing championships and it is absolutely unbelievable how effective Nick’s mental tips and advice were. When I started training in preparation for the BUCS I used to believe that I didn’t feel nervous about my upcoming bout which was until I reached fight-day and the nerves really kicked in whilst me and the team prepared in the preparation room. Nick for a while now has been speaking of extra energy stored inside us which we never really make use of and after losing my first bout I wasn’t too sure it was there but before I stepped in the ring for the BUCS Nick prepared me for the task at hand and I was able to go out and deliver an unbelievable performance which I didn’t even know I was capable of myself! This has helped me reach a new level mentally as well as physically and I can’t thank Nick enough for all the coaching and prep he’s given me."

Aramide Shobande - British University Boxing Championships (91kgs)


"I started working with nick in the last month and he introduced me to techniques to help tackle issues such as nerves, when boxing i had a bad habit of thinking a lot before a fight and letting nerves take over, this had a negative impact on me as i used to waste energy walking around and used to stop believing in myself, nicks work has allowed me to enhance my knowledge regarding mental preparation before a fight however most importantly it has helped me regain confidence, it is good to know someone who understands is there to help guide you away from negative thoughts that stop you from performing your best".

Nav Manku - Amateur Boxer after winning West Midlands Championships (60kgs)


"I met Nick at a seminar he was holding at a boxing club in Birmingham about three months ago. He went through a whole host of techniques that could enhance my performance which were easy and simple to understand. I didnt do any one on one work with Nick in preparation for my first fight. Thought I had it all covered and I was ready. In actual fact, I was physically ready, but not mentally. I lost badly in the first round and almost got stage fright. The week after this happened I worked and spoke with Nick on techniques that would keep calm and improve my confidence and performance. I found this massively beneficial and my anxiety levels were alot less going into my second fight. Nick told me to do what I did best. Keep relaxed and visualise what I wanted to do. Well it worked, because I won that fight on a unanimous points decision. Thankyou Nick for all your help."

Paul Dable - Amateur Boxer 91+Kgs after winning his second fight


"I've had one session with Nick and I have taken a lot of his methods and techniques on board. I was constantly taking notes to ensure I don't forget the important things I wished to remember. I will be using his relaxation techniques before fights and after training sessions. I've also brought the 'increase your metabilism' CD that I'll definitely be using."

Matt Windle - Birmingham Young Poet Laureate 2007/8, Olympic Torchbearer and Birmingham boxing champion


"I felt relaxed straight away and felt rapport came easy...really enjoyed the board, explaining things and helping us refer back...very useful , loads of useful tips that I can now use. I feel Nick Davies has helped myself and my team of instructors to raise their level of interaction with their students to make the student and the instructor to feel more comfortable."

Glenn Smith - Owner Red Corner Gym Coventry & Professional Coach


"I have worked with Nick on two occasions, the first being at regional championships and the second on my club show at the copthorne hotel. These have been my first fights since coming back from time out. Both times Nick has spoke to me and shown me techniques to improve my boxing. One being to...(Technique 1). I believe that this particular technique is the main reason why I have boxed so well in my last two fights. Aside from the techniques Nick has a great sense of humour that comes through when he talks to you. Watching him work with other people and then seeing how they boxed on the night, shows how much of a difference he can make. I hope he can be there before all of my fights!!

Gary Tomlinson - (64kg Light Welterweight LIONS ABC)


The best thing about working with nick was,he helped me control my mind on the night i was fighting. He made me relaxed and confident by (Technique 1). He then asked (Technique 2).Then after that i managed to use that then win my fight thanks to Nick Davies.

Sukhminder Dhanjal (67kgs)


"I'd been dieting to get down to the weight, I ain't shifted much. So I've been listening to that "Increase Your Metabolism..." CD like you said and I'm two pound off the weight, it really works!"

Quinton Hillocks - Professional Boxer (Middleweight)


"I recently had my first fight, after spending 30 mins with nick he taught some methods to deal with my nerves. This really helped me to keep my cool before the fight and this really contributed to me winning the fight. I will be calling him again for his help."

Ore Okonedo - Lions ABC


"You are so relaxed and make it easy to understand which is very beneficial for the people who are is going really good and we have a nice bit of humour in there aswell which is always a are very professional and conduct yourself well...I rated the skills very good because it makes me so much more aware of myself and others and can spill over into so many areas of my life...Excellent, you really are on top of your game in my opinion, I was expecting it to be complicated but you made it so straightforward."

Danny Galloghly - Red Corner Gym Coventry